Are Loft Conversions the Best Way to Add Property Value?

Adding space and property value are often on the mind of UK homeowners and with several options out there, it can be hard to choose the best way to go. Adding extensions can seem tempting but whilst you are gaining living space, you are losing space somewhere else, often your garden space. However, loft conversions do not require you to have to give up space somewhere else and often do not even require planning permissions.

After a recent study conducted by the Nationwide Building Society, it was concluded that the typical value added to a home due to a loft conversion is up to 20%! So, imagine your home is worth £200,000, then that could possibly mean a valuation increase of up to £40,000 onto your home. This is a significant amount considering the alternatives.

If this is an option for you, it seems like a win-win no-brainer way to increase your living space footage, property value and does not require you to sacrifice space from another area of your property. You simply have to be able to handle the moderate hassle of having construction work done on your home, then you will be reaping the multiple benefits of a loft conversion.