Twelve Home Roofing Options

If you are considering new roofing materials, it’s good to know what your options are so that you can make the decision that is best going to suit you and your home.

1. Baked Clay Tiles- Are extremely solid, heavy tiles with a long lifespan.
2. Plain Tiles- Are the flat tiles, without ripples.
3. Concrete Tiles- Are less expensive than baked tiles and have more variations and colours.
4. Natural Slate- Is expensive but looks great and lasts a long time.
5. Artificial Slate- Is made from fibre cement but with the appearance of slate.
6. Metal Tile Sheets- Are light-weight sheets of steel or aluminium that look like roof tiles.
7. Zinc Slates- Look like natural slate but slightly bigger.
8. Zinc, Aluminium or Copper Strips- Form a patina over time that gives a nice colour and longer lifespan.
9. Corrugated Sheets- These are profiled, double compressed fibre cement sheets.
10. Shingles- Are a bituminous material which contains fiberglass that is typically used on garden houses and extensions.
11. Bitumen Roof Shingle- Are a light-weight imitation of slates, in bitumen.
12. Reed- Is a very expensive roofing material now, and is used mainly for bigger villas, outbuildings or prestige projects with excellent insulating properties.