Decorating a new build

You’ve waited patiently and watched your new home turn from a building site to a beautiful housing development and now its ready for you to move into. You probably already have hundreds of ideas in the back of your mind on how you want to decorate but there are a few key decorating rules to consider before starting your project.

– Your new home needs time to settle. Before applying any wallpaper to walls, we recommend you give your home 6 months to a year to settle. As your walls are drying, they may develop small cracks which could ruin newly placed wallpaper. Is may also cover problems which need to be addressed with your developer.

– Painting new skirting – new woodwork is quite absorbent and the finish may not be what you hoped for. As your home settles paint will adhere better.

– Tackle big jobs first – the last thing you want is big work going on in your newly decorated home. We advise you to get the big jobs done first and save the small ones until last.