Why is roof insulation so important?

It is important to keep your home in the best shape possible, and that’s not just the parts that are visible but also those that are hidden away too. Many homes lose their value due to poor roofing and insulation, but while insulation is important throughout the entire home, it is so very vital on the roof and it holds many benefits.

These include:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Saving on energy bills
  • Working as a barrier against moisture
  • Reflecting radiant heat
  • Preventing heat escaping
  • Preventing condensation

Without adequate insulation, your home is said to lose almost half of its heating energy, increasing your usage and yearly energy bills. Hiring a specialist to install your roof’s insulation is vital as the air gaps and fibreglass depth has to be correct for the roof to pass building regulations. Your roof insulation should keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, keeping your use of central heating or fans/air-conditioning to a minimum.

Good insulation is useless if your roof is causing problems, but hiring a roofer to fix any damaged tiles is worth it, as this can reduce any unwanted leakage from heavy rainfall, or extreme weather conditions. If rainwater builds up in your roof, over time this will interfere with the entire structure and stability of your house, causing a much bigger issue to deal with. Water damage can be hard to see at first, but over time your roof framing can begin to rot, and bricks begin to absorb moisture, making them unstable and potentially very dangerous.

If you are concerned about your homes energy usage or feel that your roof may not be working as it should, it is recommended to hire a roofing surveyor to assess your roof both externally and internally, providing you with a detailed list of its requirements.