Different types of sand

Using the correct type of sand for the job at hand is hugely important to ensuring everything goes as it should. There are several different types of sands on the market so we have listed the most commonly used types and what they should be used for.

Sharp Sand (pit sand) – Sharp sand is primarily used for making concrete or masonry work.

Builders Sand – Builders sand is finer sand and leaves a smoother finish. It is generally used for screeding jobs, plastering, general mortar/ masonry jobs, rendering, and brick/block laying.

Beach Sand (washed sand) – Beach Sand is not commonly used in building work but does have some uses such as children’s sandpits or recreational areas.

Artificial Sand (Crushed stone sand) – artificial sand is very similar to builders’ sand and can be used for the same jobs such as plastering, rendering, brick/block paving, and general mortar or masonry jobs.