How to Find a Good Architect

When considering home improvements or renovations, many people may wonder where to start? If you have a large project that would require an architect, you may feel unsure of the best way to compare your options. When searching for the right architect some factors to consider are:

• Are they registered with the Architects Registration Board? If not, look elsewhere.
• Are they a chartered architect? Chartered architects typically have a stricter professional code.
• Are they type of architect you need? Is your project quite basic or does it need quite a lot of creativity?
• Will you need planning permissions? If so, you need someone familiar with local planning policy.
• Do you reside in a listed building? If so, you need someone that has experience in this area.

Finding the right architect can be tricky, but if you take the time to do your research, compare these factors and consider a rough budget, it should be much easier to determine which architect is going to work the best for your project.