What You Should Know About Choosing Sustainable Flooring

When the times comes for flooring renovation, one consideration for the flooring options is of how sustainable or eco-friendly they are. The eco-conscious consumer that cares about making the more earth-friendly choice would be happy to learn about these five options.

Five Sustainable Flooring Options

1. Bamboo- is technically a grass, but it can be worked into beautiful hard-wearing floorboards with a similar look, to natural hardwood and it takes a quarter of the time to grow compared to hardwood trees.

2. Cork- is an excellent option that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested without harming the trees. It is then ground up, compressed and formed into sheets bonded with resins.

3. Reclaimed Wood- is timber that has been salvaged from another property and still in good condition so as to be reusable in another property.

4. Reclaimed Tiles- have also been removed from another property for reuse and typically offer a wide range of style and colours.

5. Linoleum- is made from natural linseed oil and woodflour. It may be considered ‘retro’ by some but is having a massive comeback with its large range of choices in patterns and designs. It even includes marble, stone-look and flecked pattens.

Oak and pine are not necessarily considered one of the most eco-friendly options, but they are significantly better to use rather than rare or exotic hardwoods which are much slower growing and more difficult to replace.