Importance of maintaining your homes guttering system

Guttering is often not given a second thought, however, like most parts of your home’s exterior, regular maintenance is required to keep it functioning properly. Your guttering system plays a very important role; draining rainwater away from your home.

It’s a sad truth that issues tend to be recognised once the problem is visibly obvious, such as leaking. Any leaks in your guttering can be from a variety of causes, from blockages to cracks or poor flow gradients. Cracks can occur from sudden changes in weather conditions, usually when the cold icy temperatures set in. As the ice defrosts at a rapid rate during sunrise, plastic swells and cracks can appear. It is vital that any cracked sections of your guttering system are changed immediately to prevent any long-term damage. Blockages are common in guttering systems in rural areas, due to the increase in wildlife and trees. Blockages tend to occur because twigs and debris from heavy wind or birds get caught in the tubing and prevents water flow. If you have inspected your guttering for damage and cracks but you still have poor drainage, you may want to seek a professional opinion, as the gradient of the tubing may be an issue.