Is roofing still a dangerous job?

Many roofers will tell tales of how they nearly or have fallen off a roof, and the statistics show that it’s still very much a dangerous industry. There are times when a roofer will be moving freely on the roof without any form of harness, but this is silly, and it’s where major problems can occur.

Every professional roofer should be wearing a harness when working on a roof, and the harness should support the right amount of weight. The heavier you are, the stronger the harness has to be. For those considering becoming roofers, it’s important to know the risks, and you only need to search for a few news stories of roofers falling to their deaths to realise this is still a big problem, not just in the UK but around the world. Roofing will always be a dangerous job, and health and safety have to be taken extremely seriously. Even if you’re the best slate roofer in the world with extensive knowledge, you have to be absolutely clued up on health and safety to have a healthy and successful career as a roofer.