New builds: Why should always save enough paint for a touch up

If you’re planning to move into a new building very soon, or are perhaps building your very own house from scratch, be sure to have some paint leftover because there will always be some final touches required. Think about it, the wall paint is not necessarily the last part of the building work. Decorating can happen rather early in some respects with flooring often the last addition to the house after the air tests have been carried out. Then you have the think, upstairs is often finished long before a kitchen is fitted, and so you’re not always guaranteed paint as the final touch before you move in. This is exactly why you need some extra paint for touching up those grubby walls. Builders will leave finger marks, or perhaps scratch walls with equipment during the last few days or weeks on the job, so save a little paint and go over the walls one last time just before you decide to unpack everything and enjoy your new home.