Roof Insulation, Why is it So Important?

Roofing insulation is vital to the general upkeep of your home as well as for your pocket and there are many reasons for this:

Reducing energy consumption
Saving on energy bills
Working as a barrier against moisture
Reflecting radiant heat
Preventing heat escaping
Preventing condensation

If your roof does not have enough insulation, then you could be losing a lot of heat and ultimately money out of your roof.  It’s not all about the insulation though, ensuring that your roof is well maintained is also vital, so make sure that your roof is checked by a professional to make sure there are no cracks, leaks or unseen damage.

If you find that your home is cold in winter and hot in summer, chances are your roof insulation is to blame.  Hiring a professional to check and install roof insulation is vital as the air gaps and fibreglass depth has to be correct for the roof to pass building regulations.